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Repeat prescription ordering and issuing turnaround times

Ordered before 1pm on Monday ready on Thursday from 2pm.

Ordered before 1pm on Tuesday ready on Friday from 2pm.

Ordered before 1pm on Wednesday ready on Monday from 2pm.

Ordered before 1pm on Thursday ready on Tuesday from 2pm.

Ordered before 1pm on Friday ready on Wednesday from 2pm.


If you are taking regular medication, you will be issued with a computer slip listing the drugs you are taking. When you need more medication tick the items you need and either:

  • Place your request into the prescriptions box in the waiting room
  • Order online via the NHS App or Patient Access App (this is the quickest method as it goes straight to the GP’s inbox)
  • Order via our new prescriptions email address below.

Please allow 3 working days for your repeat prescription to be processed, excluding weekends and bank holidays. You may be asked to make an appointment if the doctor feels that you need an up to date review. The surgery does not accept repeat prescription requests over the telephone.

Please only ask for the drugs you need, cross off any you do not require each time you make a request.

Order your repeat prescriptions through the NHS App

The NHS App allows you to order repeat prescriptions straight to your GP’s inbox. It is the quickest and most efficient way to order your repeat prescriptions. You can either access the NHS App by downloading the App to your device or through the website at

Order your repeat prescriptions through the Patient Access App

The Patient Access App allows you to order repeat prescriptions straight into your GP’s inbox. You will also be able to see when the GP has issued your medication to the pharmacy. We usually recommend waiting 24hrs once you know it has been issued to the pharmacy to allow them to make your medication ready for collection. Please do not contact us about whether your medication is ready for collection. To use Patient Access please download the app onto your device or click here to access the website.

Use our new email for all your medication requests and medication queries

We have a new email address for ordering your medication or for any medication queries. This goes through to our prescriptions team who will process accordingly to the times below.

Please state which medication you are requesting and not just say “all medication”. The prescriptions team will then request the medication to be issued from the GPs. Our new email address is

We would like to help you to get your prescriptions running together.  Many issues occur when not all your medication is due some items are not due to be ordered. If you have over two weeks of medication left we would consider this not to be due and this would not be issued.

Our prescriptions team will now try to align your medication so that you receive all of your medciation at the same time. In order to do this you might find that you only receive a few tablets rather than a whole month’s worth if it is not all due yet. The next month you should then receive equal amounts of your medication.

Our email address is

Any email received regarding a non-medication issue will not be actioned. Other queries should go through Econsults admin page.

Opening Times

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  • Wednesday
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  • Thursday
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