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Chronic Disease Clinics – Regular Reviews

All patients who have had a diagnosis of any of the conditions listed below will be offered an annual review with a doctor or a nurse. Regular monitoring of patients with a chronic disease is designed to pick up any changes in health early, remind patients about what they can do to keep themselves well and check that medication is working properly. The practice will send you a letter, text or email every year asking you to attend a clinic. If you have more than one condition we will try, where practical, to address these in as few appointments as we can. For many of these conditions you will need to have a blood test at least a week before your clinic appointment. You will be given details when you are contacted. Please give the practice your email address and mobile phone number if you have them, so that we can communicate with you as efficiently as possible.

Clinics for the following conditions may be run by a doctor or a nurse:

Mental health conditions, dementia, epilepsy, thyroid disorders, learning disabilities, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, heart disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease and impaired glucose tolerance.

Smear Tests

Women between the age of 25 and 64 are informed if they are due for a smear test as part of a national programme.  This is recommended every three years for 25-49 year olds and every five years for 50-64 year olds. Women should contact the practice to arrange an appointment with a practice nurse. Appointments should be 10 days after the first day of your period.


These are done by the practice nurses for patients who are mobile and no longer need to go to the hospital or have a visit from a district nurse.

When you book an appointment to have your dressing changed please let reception know how long it usually takes so that they can allow enough time for the nurse to do the procedure.

Anticoagulation Monitoring

If you are taking Warfarin you will need to be monitored regularly to ensure your dosage is correct.

At first this will be done by the hospital, then by the practice nurses.

Minor Operations

Your doctor will discuss this with you and refer you to one of our Minor Operation doctors if it is appropriate.

Joint Injections

Several doctors in the practice are skilled in administering joint injections; your doctor will discuss this with you and refer you if it is appropriate.

Post Natal Checks

You and your baby will be offered a check six weeks after the birth to ensure  that you are both healthy. You will be contacted with an appointment for this and for your babies’ first vaccinations (see below).

If you are unable to come to either of these appointments please contact reception to arrange a convenient time.

Baby Vaccinations

New parents will be sent an appointment for their baby to have their vaccinations when they are about six weeks old.

Our baby vaccination clinics are usually held on a Wednesday and Friday.

Adult Vaccinations


You are entitled to an annual flu vaccination if:

  • you are over 65 or
  • you have a chronic disease
  • you have a compromised immune system

Every year the practice runs Saturday flu clinics in September, October and November. This is the ideal time to have your flu jab so that you are protected before the winter. We will contact you  from the beginning of September onwards. If you haven’t heard from us by the middle of October please get in touch and we can book you into one of our clinics.


You are entitled to a pneumonia vaccine if:

  • you are over 65 or
  • you have a chronic disease or
  • you have a compromised immune system

Human Papiloma Virus (HPV)

This is offered to young women to reduce the risk of cervical cancer.  It is sometimes offered in secondary schools but if for some reason you or your daughter has not had all 3 three doses, the practice can provide them. Please make an appointment at reception.