Patient Participation Group

The Aims of the Patient Participation Group

The practices have an active patient participation group chaired by Mr Stanley Mayne. The group aims to ensure that the voice of patients is heard and acted upon. 

The PPG meetings are held on one Thursday each month except August and are open to any patient that attends Marine Lake Medical Practice or Estuary Medical Practice.  Meetings are held in the practice building between 5.30 to 7.00pm. There is a core group of people who share any tasks that may arise but anyone can come and join in discussions or raise a concern.  Please note we cannot discuss individual situations as these must be directed to the Practice.

If you are interested in getting involved or would like to raise an issue, please contact Stanley through the surgery by emailing  or  or calling 0151 625 9171.

Getting Your View

The group would like to contact patients on occasion by email and/or text so that they can obtain the views of the widest group of patients possible. We would like to obtain your email address and mobile phone number to do this. Please complete the Patient Contact Form to provide your consent for this.