Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Group

We are in the process of re-establishing our Patient Participation Group (PPG) after COVID. Please read the PPGs Terms of Reference before expressing your interest in joining the group.

If you are interested in becoming part of the PPG then please email detailing the reason you would like to be involved.

Once you have expressed interest we will be in touch about the next steps to setting up our face to face PPG and our Virtual PPG. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Please note we cannot discuss individual situations as these must be directed to the Practice.



What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

Patient Participation Group Definition A Patient Participation Group (PPG) is a group of patients, carers and GP practice staff who meet to discuss practice issues and patient experience to improve the service.

Purpose of a PPG:

To give patients and practice staff the opportunity to meet and discuss topics of mutual interest.

To provide a means for patients to become more involved and make suggestions about the healthcare services they receive.

To explore issues from patient complaints and patient surveys, contribute to actions plans and help monitor improvements.

To contribute feedback to the practice on National Patient Survey results and Friends and Family Test feedback to propose developments or change.

To support health awareness and patient education.



PPG Do’s and Don’ts What can a PPG do?

Discuss constructive suggestions for improving the practice, and share concerns that could affect the wider practice population.

Organise health focused events with the practice, i.e. healthy eating awareness as an information event for all practice patients to attend.

Create a patient survey with practice staff, to get feedback about the practice from the rest of the patient population.

Design a newsletter for the practice, to provide regular updates to patients.

Assist the practice in making sure their website is ‘Patient Friendly’.

Engage with the local community via fundraising events and useful health information, to ensure the PPG is representative.

Invite health and voluntary professionals to PPG meetings, for PPG members to remain informed and updated about local opportunities for patients.


What can a PPG not do?

PPG patient members cannot provide any medical advice to other patients, or deal with personal/medical issues or individual patient complaints during the meeting. These should be dealt with outside the meeting following the practices already established procedures.

Terms of Reference

Marine Lake Medical Practice Patient Participation Group


The Group shall be called the Marine Lake Medical Practice Patient Participation Group.


1.  Aims of the Marine Lake Medical Practice Patient Participation Group (PPG)


  • To facilitate good relations between the GP practice (referred to as the 'practice' throughout this document) and patients by communicating patient experience, interests and concerns and providing feedback to the practice on current procedures and proposed new developments.


  • To work collaboratively and positively with the practice to improve services and facilities for patients and to act as a sounding board for practice staff on issues affecting patients.


  • To build two-way communication and co-operation between the practice and patients, other individuals and organisations in healthcare, and the wider community to the mutual benefit of


  • To act as a representative group to support the practice and influence local provision of health and social care.



2.  PPG Structure and Membership

  • Membership of the PPG shall be open to all registered patients. Membership will endeavour to reflect the patient profile and be widely representative and inclusive of different genders, ethnicities, ages and abilities as required in the GP contract, and will be a maximum of 20


  • All registered patients of the practice are invited to apply for membership of the Marine Lake Medical Practice Removal of a patient from the patient list will mean that he/she will cease to be a member of the PPG.


  • The PPG will be non-political and non-sectarian, and will at all times respect diversity and exemplify its commitment to the principles contained within the Equality Act.


  • A representative of a patient registered with the practice can be an associate member of the PPG even if the representative is not a patient at the practice.


 PPG and PPG Committee


  • The Marine Lake Medical Practice PPG may elect officers from among the members of the PPG and they will be known as the These will include Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. Other posts may be created by the Annual General Meeting on a proposal from the PPG.


Terms of Reference

  • The PPG and the PPG committee shall both hold regular meetings, held about about 4 times a year, giving some weeks notice. To maintain an active PPG, any PPG committee member who fails to attend three consecutive PPG committee meetings without any contact with the group may be deemed to have resigned. The PPG will extend an open invitation to practice staff to attend its meetings as agreed with the practice manager.


  • The PPG committee shall normally not exceed twenty Between the Annual General Meetings, the PPG may co-opt individual members if needed to ensure that the PPG is fully representative of the patient community.


Virtual PPG


  • To support the PPG and extend its reach, the PPG may establish an online group to be called the Virtual Patient Participation Group (VPPG). Any patient may volunteer to join the VPPG. The PPG will regularly contact the VPPG in order to obtain their views on specific A member of the PPG will be made responsible for liaising with the VPPG and ensure that no one is excluded. There will be a standing item on the PPG agenda reporting any key themes, issues or suggestions that have been identified by any member of the VPPG to help ensure its members are engaged. Notwithstanding the above, any patient may send views and suggestions directly to the PPG.


  • Members of the VPPG will follow the same Code of Conduct as those in the PPG that meets face-to-


  • All business and meetings of the PPG committee, the Main group and any future Virtual group, shall be run in accordance with Appendix 1 (attached to this document).







3.  Signed agreement


NB: To ensure a jointly agreed approach by the practice and PPG members, this section should be signed by both parties.


These Terms of Reference were agreed and adopted by Marine Lake Medical Practice PPG at the meeting held at (venue / date) and may be reviewed according to emerging needs.


Signed by: ………………………………………………………………PPG Chair       Dated ……………………



And ……………………………………….General Practice representative.      Dated……………………


Terms of Reference



Appendix 1


PPG Code of Conduct


The PPG Membership is not based on opinions or characteristics of individuals and shall be non-political and non-sectarian, at all times respecting diversity and exemplifying its commitment to the principles contained within the Equality Act.



All Members of the PPG (including the Virtual PPG) make this commitment:


  • To respect practice and patient confidentiality at all times.
  • To treat each other with mutual respect and act and contribute in a manner that is in the best interests of all patients.
  • To be open and flexible and to listen and support each
  • To abide by the seven Nolan Principles of Public Life: Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.
  • Not to use the PPG as a forum for personal agendas or These should be taken forward through other appropriate channels.
  • To accept that the ruling of the Chair or other presiding officer is final on matters relating to orderly
  • Otherwise to abide by principles of good meeting practice, for example:
  1. Reading papers in advance
  2. Arriving on time
  3. Switching mobile phones to silent
  4. Allowing others to speak and be heard/respected